Mum's Sweet Retreat Bundle

  • £18.95
  • £30.50

Gift the ultimate Mother's Day delight with our specially curated gift treat bundle, designed to pamper and sweeten every moment. Including one of our top seller message bottles "Luv Ya" filled with yummy 3D hearts.

For those who crave a satisfying crunch, our jar of crispy chocolate bites will tantalise taste buds with the perfect blend of rich chocolate and a delightful crispiness. Each bite is a celebration of texture and taste that will leave a lasting impression.

To add a personal touch, we've included a baking bottle containing the makings of heavenly raspberry and white chocolate muffins. Share the joy of baking together or let them enjoy the process solo – either way, the result is a batch of flavourful muffins that will fill the home with irresistible aromas.

This Mother's Day, elevate the celebration with our thoughtfully curated treat bundle, a symphony of flavours and textures that will surely make their day extra special.