6 ways we keep sustainability at the core of what we do!

6 ways we keep sustainability at the core of what we do!

Here at Treat Kitchen, our commitment to being a sustainable and environmentally friendly organisation is always right at the top of our priorities. Whether it’s making sure our bottles are recyclable or our carbon footprint is kept to an absolute minimum, it’s always on the radar! 

So, it’s all good and well us ranting on about what we do, but, rightly so, we’re sure you’re also keen to know exactly how do we do it, right? Read on to find out!


1) Sustainably sourced sweet treats

For us, treats that are sustainably sourced taste even better. That’s why we’ve committed to a number of initiatives to make sure that we’re reducing our carbon footprint, managing our impact on the environment and sourcing sustainable products and packaging, including:

  • Offsetting our CO2
  • Recycling our packaging
  • Electing a Green Champion
  • Collaborating on Green Initiatives
  • Investing in the Environment


sustainable sweets packagin


2) Environmentally conscious

When you purchase any food or drink product, naturally, you want to know that it has been sourced in a way that’s kind to the environment. That’s why when you shop at Treat Kitchen, you can tuck into your favourite sweet treats safe in the knowledge that they’ve come from a confectionery brand that genuinely cares about the world we live in.

Find out more about how we’ve made a positive difference to the environment and how many trees we’ve planted, here: https://ecologi.com/treatkitchen


Environmental credentials



3) We now use cardboard bailers!

Our team has made disposing and reusing the packaging we receive more efficient by investing in a cardboard bailer. This means that the number of recycling lorries coming to our site has gone from 2 per week, to just 1 per month!

This is just one of the many ways we’re improving our carbon footprint!


Recycle your sweets jars



4) Electing a Green Champion

We’ve recently elected Head of Export and License, Melissa Kelly, as our Green Champion - flying the Treat Kitchen flag and driving us forward on our green journey. Melissa meets regularly with local businesses as part of Nottingham Trent University’s Sustainability Community Lab – sharing valuable ideas and supporting organisations with reducing their carbon usage.


Read more about the Sustainability Community Lab and find out how you and your organisation can take part here: Sustainability Community Lab | Nottingham Trent University

 TTK Green Champion Melissa


5) Collaborating on Green initiatives

It’s no surprise that collaboration is the key to environmental success. That’s why we recently partnered with the Canal and River Trust to support its foraging event along the Nottingham and Beeston canal. 

In partnership with the Canal and River Trust, we recently invited local residents to explore the wild foods growing along the Nottingham and Beeston canal. This is just one of the ways we’re working towards a cleaner, greener future for all.

We will continue to work with the Canal and River Trust on their wellbeing course which is based around foraging and planting along the canal towpath in the City Centre. Plans for the future also include planting fruit bushes, and other edible plants that the whole community can benefit from!

Find out more about the Canal and River Trust here: Canal & River Trust | Wellbeing for everyone (canalrivertrust.org.uk)


Environmental project in Nottingham with Canal & River Trust 


6) NTU New Product Development team

Did you know that we’ve recently partnered with NTU’s New Product Development team to examine the lifecycle of our message bottles? The great news is that our bottles are now 99% recyclable - so you can indulge in your favourite sweet treats, guilt free!

Sweet jar terrarium


While you can always catch us on Facebook and Instagram, we’re always talking about our initiatives over on our LinkedIn page, so be sure to check us out on there too!

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