Forget-Me-Notts X TTK Confectionery: Donate an Easter Gift Campaign

Forget-Me-Notts X TTK Confectionery: Donate an Easter Gift Campaign

At the end of what was an extremely difficult year in 2020, TTK finished the year off by giving away thousands of gifts to the NHS, local schools and local charities as a way of giving back to the community. It is from this that we started a growing relationship with ‘Forget-Me-Notts’, a charity organisation that focuses on empowering local people and businesses to support their social care system in meeting the practical emergency needs of the most vulnerable children in the local community.

Brad and Kelly reached back out to us in January and asked if we’d like to get involved with their Easter initiative where they provide all the children they support with a Easter gift. We were of course thrilled to get involved with this as working with local charities is something very close to our hearts.

We made sure that the Operation Orphan team were involved throughout the entire process from sourcing, design and marketing! In total we will be providing 2,200 gifts to vulnerable children within the community.

If you are in a position, please show your support and donate as many gifts as you can to vulnerable children in the Nottinghamshire area!


Disclaimer: We are working with ‘Forget-Me-Notts’ the local division of OperationOrphan, its parent company. The product you purchase will be a donation. If you purchase this product it will be sent directly to a vulnerable child Forget-Me-Notts supports. You will not receive this product and TTK Confectionery make no profit on this product.