Scott and Martin’s Epic Three Peaks Challenge: Mission Accomplished!

Scott and Martin’s Epic Three Peaks Challenge: Mission Accomplished!

When it comes to taking on a monumental challenge, Scott and Martin from Treat Kitchen sure know how to do it in style! These two adventurous spirits have completed the legendary Three Peaks Challenge, and they did it all for an incredible cause – supporting Base 51, a charity close to their hearts. Here’s a recap of their awe-inspiring journey, the hurdles they overcame, and why their effort is so commendable.

What is the Three Peaks Challenge?

For those new to this exhilarating adventure, the Three Peaks Challenge involves scaling the highest mountains in Scotland, England, and Wales – all within 24 hours. That means conquering Ben Nevis (Scotland), Scafell Pike (England), and Snowdon (Wales). The combined ascent is over 3,000 meters, and the total distance walked is about 23 miles (37km), with over 450 miles (724km) of driving between the peaks. It’s a test of endurance, determination, and sheer willpower.

Why is it So Hard?

The Three Peaks Challenge isn’t just a casual hike in the park. Here’s why it’s known as one of the toughest feats in the UK:

1. Physical Demands: Climbing one mountain is tough enough, but three? That requires exceptional fitness and stamina.

2. Time Constraint: Completing the challenge in 24 hours adds a pressure cooker element, making every minute count.

3. Variable Terrain: Each peak has its own unique terrain – from rocky paths to steep ascents, and even snowy summits!

4. Weather Conditions: The UK’s unpredictable weather can turn from sunny to stormy in minutes, adding an extra layer of difficulty.

5. Sleep Deprivation: With little to no sleep during the challenge, exhaustion becomes a major hurdle.

Beariing that in mind why Did They Do It?

Scott and Martin weren’t just in it for the thrill. They embarked on this grueling journey to raise funds for Base 51, a Nottingham-based charity dedicated to supporting young people aged 11-25. Base 51 offers counseling, health services, housing support, and safe spaces, creating a lifeline for many in the community.

In Scott’s words, “We wanted to give back to the community that’s been so supportive of Treat Kitchen. Base 51 does amazing work, and this was our way of showing solidarity and raising awareness.”

The Adventure Begins
The guys teamed up with a crew from It's In Nottingham to share the driving and boost the fundraising efforts. They gathered in Nottingham on the Wednesday afternoon. The weather gods were kind to Scott and Martin, blessing them with perfect conditions for their challenge. Even the unpredictable British weather couldn’t dampen their spirits. As they ascended Ben Nevis, they were greeted with a beautiful surprise – snow at the summit! A breathtaking sight and a refreshing reminder of nature’s wonders.

Ben Nevis

Starting with Ben Nevis, the tallest peak in the UK, they faced a rigorous climb but were rewarded with stunning panoramic views and the pristine, snow-capped summit. It was a magical moment that fueled their determination.

Scafell Pike

Next up was Scafell Pike. This peak, known for its rugged terrain and steep climbs, tested their endurance. Worse still becasue of the timings they were climbing in the middle of the night in pitch black. Thank goodness for head torches. It made it quite tricky.  But Scott and Martin pushed through, their spirits high and their goal in sight.


Finally, they tackled Snowdon. With tired legs but unbroken resolve, they made their way to the summit, each step bringing them closer to completing the challenge. Reaching the top of Snowdon was a triumphant moment, a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Supporting the Community

Their journey didn’t just end at the summit of Snowdon. By completing the Three Peaks Challenge, Scott and Martin have not only raised much-needed funds for Base 51 but also brought the community together, highlighting the importance of supporting Nottingham’s youth. It was a proud moment for Treat Kitchen, demonstrating their commitment to giving back and making a difference.

Join the Movement

Inspired by Scott and Martin’s adventure? There are countless ways to support Base 51. Whether it’s through donations, volunteering, or even taking on your own challenge, every bit helps. Get in contact with the team to find out more.  

In the words of Martin, “This challenge was tough, but knowing we were helping Base 51 made every step worth it. We hope our journey inspires others to get involved and support our local community.”

So here’s to Scott, Martin and the It's in Nottingham Team – for their grit, their heart, and their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. They’ve shown us that with a little bit of determination and a lot of community spirit, we can all climb mountains. 🏔️✨