Students and Graduates from Nottingham Trent University smash sour marketing challenge!

Students and Graduates from Nottingham Trent University smash sour marketing challenge!

At Treat Kitchen, we were thrilled to be a part of the Grads4Nottm 2-Week Work Experience Challenge once again, especially as it celebrates its incredible 10-year anniversary! 🥳✨

What is Grads 4 Nottm?

Grads 4 Nottm is an exclusive initiative by Nottingham Trent University (NTU) aimed at showcasing #Nottingham as a fantastic place to live and work. This program helps students discover the diverse range of businesses and graduate jobs available in the area, while also connecting them with the thriving small and medium enterprise (SME) network, the largest recruiter of graduate talent in the region.

Our Journey with NTU

We've had the pleasure of participating in Grads 4 Nottm several times now, on top of that NTU has been a tremendous support to us over the years. From internships and business support to providing us with exceptional graduate talent, NTU has been a vital part of Treat Kitchen's growth and success. 🎓🌟

The Challenge

This year, we presented an exciting marketing challenge focused on the launch of our new Sour Gummy sweets. We tasked the student team with creating an engaging marketing campaign to raise awareness and kick-start sales for this vibrant new product.

And wow, did they deliver! The team conducted extensive customer research, provided legal advice, developed social media engagement strategies, and came up with promotional ideas. They even created illustrated personas for each sour flavour, bringing our vision to life in ways we hadn't imagined. 🌈🔍

The Team

At Treat Kitchen, we hit the jackpot with an amazing team of students and graduates: Lily Keogh, Kaziah Greaves, Olivia Gordon, Kali Holder, and Maya Lurie. Their specialisms ranged from Youth Justice, Law, and Psychology to Illustration, creating an awesome blend of skills. They got along famously and worked incredibly hard to deliver fantastic results! A particular well done to Blake, Kali's guidedog who was a superstar!

The Impact

"The beauty of Grads 4 Nottm is that businesses get an injection of fresh ideas that can be easily implemented," says Brand Director Jess Barnett. The team was amazing to work with, each member bringing unique skills from their diverse degree specialisms. This collaborative effort not only benefited us but also provided the students with invaluable real-world experience. Stay tuned to see the team's ideas, designs and assets popping up soon!

A Showcase of Talent

At the end of the project, all participating businesses and student groups come together for a showcase event. This celebration highlights the hard work and innovative solutions developed during the challenge, emphasizing the value of connecting local businesses with emerging talent. Lydia McDonald and Jess attended on behalf of Treat Kitchen and looked on proudly as our team smashed it with their presentation. Special mention to Lily for winning the social media competition.

Looking Ahead

As we look forward to future collaborations, we remain grateful to NTU for their continued support and to the brilliant students who bring their enthusiasm and fresh perspectives to Treat Kitchen. Here’s to another decade of innovation, growth, and celebrating exceptional talent! Good luck and thank you to all the participants particularly the team of superstars who worked with Treat Kitchen – keep in touch we know you will go on to great things. Thank you to Samantha Morley and the team at NTU Employability