The Fashion Fictions World Tour

The Fashion Fictions World Tour

This is an exciting time for Nottingham as we welcome the Fashion Fictions World Tour. We are proud to announce Treat Kitchen will be a part of the trail! This international project was founded in 2020 by an associate professor of Nottingham Trent University. It aims to inspire people to imagine through fashion fictions and create real-world change.

We at Treat Kitchen are so excited to get involved with this month’s trail around our city. The tour takes you from the creativity at Sneinton Market avenues, across Hockley and all the way to Lower Parliament Street. Each location gives a look into an alternative world in which reality has taken another path. These worlds tell us to ask ourselves ‘what if?’ about our own. It’s a super interesting project so we encourage you all to take part!

The Avenues will be the hub for these art installations, so make sure you spend time enjoying all the exhibits. Don’t forget to head to Unit 26 to see the amazing art installation at Treat Kitchen Bakery (and say hi to Fran of course!). The incredible project we will be host to, World 97, investigates food and drink entirely differently and offers a new perspective…

See for yourself at Treat Kitchen Bakery! Tag us @treatgifting and the event @ntuarts

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