The Veganuary Gift Bundle Contains:

Welcome Veganuary with our delectable Vegan Sweet Bundle! Embrace this plant-based celebration with guilt-free treats including Vegan Blue Raspberry and Red Strawberry Pencils, along with Vegan Fruity Rings. Experience the mouthwatering zest of Vegan Giant Sour Strawberries and more Vegan Fruity Rings. Elevate your Veganuary journey with this delightful assortment, catering to your taste buds and commitment to a plant-based lifestyle

1 x Bottle of Vegan Blue Raspberry Pencils
1 x Bottle of Vegan Red Strawberry Pencils
1 x Bottle of Vegan Fruity Rings
1 x Pouch Vegan Giant Sour Strawberries
1 x Pouch Vegan Fruity Rings