24 Hour Livestream!

24 Hour Livestream!

We are finally doing it… Monday the 3rd of April we will be live on TikTok for 24 hours!

Treat Kitchen started up on TikTok just before Christmas 2022 and it has been quite the journey! We started out doing live showcases of our TikTok shop, giving an insight into what we do and sometimes wearing silly costumes (who remembers Scott’s Mohican hat?!) This has since grown to include giveaways, Original Stormtroopers and a fully decorated livestream studio! Georgia has become the ever popular face of our brand on the app and now gives our followers daily livestreams. To see the schedule for these follow us on TikTok and Instagram where we advertise each event! @treatkitchengifting. We are incredibly proud to be nearing 10,000 followers so do head over to the app and follow us!

Monday will be extra special as we begin livestreaming at 11am 03/04/23 until 11am 04/04/23! This extravaganza will include lots of our favourite Treat Kitchen favourite faces! Each will be showcasing our delicious deals and offering a variety of entertainment. Perhaps the most exciting thing for our viewers will be the (many!) giveaways that will be on offer. At 1 million likes we will giveaway the biggest number of treats to date. This event will be one you can’t miss and fingers crossed you’re one of the lucky winners!


Don’t forget to tune in at 11am Monday @treatkitchengifting