Guest Blog Post: Online retailer Gifts Direct 2 U talks about the perfect gift

Guest Blog Post: Online retailer Gifts Direct 2 U talks about the perfect gift

We are delighted that Treat Kitchen products are now being stocked by online retailer Gifts Direct 2 U. We asked the team there to share with us some insider tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect gift:


Gift giving is practiced globally with different countries and cultures having their own traditions. From the gifting etiquette of refusing a gift 3 times before accepting it in Japan to the avoiding giving sharp objects (scissors, cooking knives) as it signifies wanting to severe a relationship in South America. Here in the UK, we see gift giving as an important part of life no matter the occasion. Whether it is a small token of thanks, a Birthday treat or a HUGE romantic gesture we love to make people feel special.

In a 2021 poll, it was found that 2,000 adults purchase an average of 32 gifts per year, spending approximately £420 in total. But even with that number of gifts given, there is always that ‘difficult to buy for’ person and they always delight in being labels as such. We here at Gifts Direct 2 U know that this can be a bit of a drag, so we created the gift finder which takes away some of the stress of finding that perfect gift. Just answer a few questions about the recipient and BOOM, you are shown a selection of gifts we think are suitable.

Retro Fried Egg Sweets in Bottle

We are all aware that online shopping has become a more popular choice over the traditional in-store buying experience and this seems to be down to the convenience of having so many products that you can’t find in shops at your fingertips whilst sitting on the sofa in your PJs with a cuppa. And what makes it even easier for the last-minute shopper, is that online retails give you the option of next day delivery.

In addition, a lot of gifts now have that personal touch, even if they’re not directly personalised with a specific name or message. Sometimes, it’s just the thought behind it that makes it personal. You can always find something that matches their personality or style to give it that extra special feel. That is why we are over the moon to stock The Treat Kitchen! Their message bottles can be given for a wide range of occasions, and they are personable because who wouldn’t want to be called a ‘Total Legend’ or a ‘Good Egg’? And they are filled with delicious retro sweets - it is a WIN WIN!

As a family run business, we know that giving the perfect gift is important and a lot of the brands that we stock are down to ‘family influence’. Our directors Jason and Liza have two daughters and a granddaughter so many of the items we stock can be found under the Christmas tree as gifts for them.

An example of this is one of their daughters was obsessed with wearing mismatched socks. Rather than buying regular pairs of socks and mismatching, Liza found a brand which was specifically an odd sock company; therefore, adding a personal and fun touch to the gift. We have stocked these socks ever since and they have become our number one best-selling brand all because of that chance gift opportunity.

So, when the urge to give up trying to find a gift comes knocking, just remember there is ALWAYS a perfect gift for everyone.


You can check out the "Gifts Direct 2 U" website here