May the Fourth be with you!

May the Fourth be with you!

It is another big day in the sci-fi lover’s calendar - May the Fourth be with you! As you all know we are huge sci-fi fans at Treat Kitchen and can never say no to another celebration (or any excuse for a gift!).

What does everyone have planned for the big day? It’s the perfect opportunity for sci-fi lovers, cosplayers and fans to unite and celebrate our favourite characters. Here at the Treat Kitchen office, we will be tucking into our Original Stormtrooper chocolate helmets and watching some of our favourite sci-fi movies.

You can shop our range of Original Stormtrooper products on our website now. Why not throw your own themed party using one of our gift sets? All sci-fi lovers deserve a treat to celebrate- especially a delicious chocolate one!

Happy May 4th everyone!