Meet One of Our Charity Partners: Base 51

Meet One of Our Charity Partners: Base 51

At TTK we are proud to support local charities and initiatives that are both close to our hearts and provide a significant benefit to our community. One of the charities we continuously support is Base 51.
We would like to give Base 51’s Fundraising and Communications Coordinator, Hannah McDermott the opportunity to introduce you to Base 51 and give some context on who they are and what they do.

Give us an introduction to Base 51. Who are they? And where can we find them?

“Base 51 is like a box of chocolates. That’s not quite how the saying goes I know, but it’s true. The packaging maybe doesn’t give much away but have a look inside and there’s a world of chocolatey goodness.

A fairly ordinary-looking building at the top of Castle Gate is the home of this charity. You could be forgiven for walking past knowing nothing of what goes on behind those four walls but have a look inside and you might like what you find. Though not as old as the classic chocolate selection box, Base 51 have spent nearly three decades now, working with and supporting young people in the city and county. The team are motivated by a shared desire to see these young people reach their potential and coordinate a holistic range of health, well-being and support services to help facilitate just that.”

So, What type of service does Base 51 provide?

“Mental ill-health, homelessness, poverty, social isolation and violence are just some of the existing and varied threats to a young person’s well-being in Nottingham. So Base 51 take an equally varied approach to their care. They offer counselling for when a young person needs someone to talk to and an employability programme for when a young person needs someone to talk them through finding employment. They run specific projects for young people who feel most at home with other members of the LGBTQ+ community and for young people without anywhere permanent to call home. They provide support to young people affected by crime and violence and to young people for whom crime and violence is a way of life.”

What’s life like at Base 51 today?

“It’s no doubt Base 51 were a significant addition to the landscape of Nottingham in 1993 but their work is no less pertinent now. The city currently ranks last, 150th out of 150, on the Youth Opportunity Index; indicating that prospects for children and young people in Nottingham are the worst in the country. Base 51 seeks to tangibly meet this need and has been doing so, day after day, come rain or shine or pandemic!"

Here’s some quotes provided by two of the young people Base 51 has recently helped provide a safe space and/or guidance for:

A quote from a young person who had been experiencing social anxiety and subsequently accessed the counselling service…

‘The counselling has helped a lot, especially figuring out how to express myself and not worrying so much about…what other people might think.’

Another from someone who attends Base 51’s Outburst group; Nottingham’s only LGBTQ+ group for young people…

‘Outburst has definitely helped me and it’s been the highlight of my week. It’s a place where I feel completely safe and protected from homophobia and transphobia. OutBurst is a safe space for everyone where you can come and be yourself without the fear of being judged.’

Perhaps it’s now clearer why I might liken Base 51 to the hidden world of a box of chocolates. Got a taste for it? Find us on Facebook @Base51 and on Instagram @base5_1

We would like to give a HUGE thank you to Hannah for contributing to this blog post and allowing us to further spread awareness for the great work Base 51 does. Make sure to give them a follow on all their social media platforms to help others find out about Base 51 and the fantastic services they provide!