Original Stormtrooper has landed at Treat Kitchen

Original Stormtrooper has landed at Treat Kitchen

The weather is finally getting brighter, which can only mean one thing… Spring is on the way!

We cannot wait for the days to get longer and brighter. Of course, here at the Treat Kitchen we are most excited for Easter, because this means plenty of tasty goodies. We take our Easter fun very seriously and can’t wait for you to see what we have in store to make it extra special.

If you’re looking to give an outstanding gift this Easter, look no further. Our showstopper this year is our Original Stormtrooper helmet, made from delicious Belgian milk chocolate with white chocolate decoration! It is the perfect alternative egg for your friends and family. We are all very excited for the launch of our helmet and know Original Stormtrooper fans will adore this unique gift.

Retro Stormtrooper Easter Egg

Made from 190g of Luxury Belgian milk chocolate, the Original Stormtrooper chocolate helmet is guaranteed to bring a big smile to the face of the sci-fi fan in your life. 

The number one alternative Easter egg 2023 is here! The cast is true to the original Stormtrooper design created by Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios back in 1976 - so grab a retro Easter present.

Since launching just this week, we've seen a number of orders for two - where one of them is to be eaten and the other to be kept as a memento.