Our BRAND NEW Machinery!

Our BRAND NEW Machinery!

This year so far has been an exciting one for our warehousing team at TTK! We have been busy introducing all sorts of new machinery to improve the already excellent efficiencies being achieved by our production team.

The machinery was introduced as a way for us to further improve on the efficiencies of production by removing the more tedious and manual jobs of helping the products to travel through the production facility. We initially wanted to see at least a 10% increase in units but the results have showed a minimum of 13% all the way up to a staggering 47% increase in units across our main lines.

As a department we have had to learn a lot of new skills! From the daily handling and emergency stop functions, to the more complex data retrieval and entry/loading of new data that is product specific. As a team, the floor staff have really risen to the occasion and have showed impressive results in the increase to their productivity levels – even with the most difficult products! It has been especially great to see the Junior Management Staff taking this project and managing it with determination and drive to get the results we want to see. Ian (Operations Lead Co-Ordinator) has been able to put to use his pre-existing skills with conveyor belts and Jakub (Production Co-Ordinator) using his brilliant technical mind to find the most efficient ways to operate the machines and manage the changeovers.

It has provided us with great sets of data to show how we have decreased our labour costs – in turn this keeps us competitive and shows that we can provide our products to the highest of standards but at the best price! The journey has not been without it’s bumps in the road but we have definitely seen some great results at the end of it!

With new machinery and two new warehouses coming on board, we have all the tools we need to ensure all orders are fulfilled in a timely manner for the best levels of customer service. This year, TTK are committed to becoming our own distributor and offering the best prices and margins possible for any size retailer.

For further information on our range and how to become a stockist – get in touch; sales@ttkconfectionery.co.uk