The Treat Kitchen Sainsburys Message Bottles

Sainsbury's Success Story!

This time last year, the TTK team were working hard and keeping everything crossed that a range in Sainsburys was going to launch after an exciting e-mail over Christmas from Sainsburys after our products had been spotted by them in Urban Outfitters!

Fast forward to June 2020, through a global pandemic and national lockdown restrictions, TTK Confectionery have a range signed off and landing into 294 Sainsburys stores and online! Wow, did the range exceed our expectations – with supported promotional pricing throughout July, a total sell out was achieved across the entire range 3 weeks into promotion with double forecasted figures! 

As a result of the incredible success of the range after 6 months, we have since been moved to 1,300 stores and also been added to the Sainsburys Future Brands programme which provides increased marketing and brand presence in store. 

The Treat Kitchen Sainsburys Bottle

To date we have sold a whopping 217k of our products in Sainsburys stores and online with demand increasing all the time! 
The journey we have been on with Sainsburys has been incredible and really highlights the importance of having beautiful, high quality products in a variety of retailers, as you never know where the next big opportunity will come from!

Next time you’re in Sainsburys, keep your eyes peeled for our fun range and remember to treat yourself to something whilst you’re there!