Swanwick School Sports College visits Treat Kitchen HQ!

Swanwick School Sports College visits Treat Kitchen HQ!

Last month Treat Kitchen HQ were visited by the very lovely Key Stage 4 Creative Digital class at Swanwick School Sports College. This was part of our ongoing initiative to provide a range of opportunities for local pupils and students to engage in. The initiative covers a variety of areas, including producing amazing content that we can use for our socials and future advertising campaigns.

If you’re already familiar with our socials, you know we love a good trending sound and a vibrant collection of photos and videos!

school presentation at TTK Confectionery

For the pupils’ visit, we wanted to give them a real feel of the brand and its story – with that, we started with an introduction to the company from Treat Kitchen’s Co-owner and Brand Director, Jess Barnett. The students were told all about our brand values, how we operate in both B2C and B2B environments and the varying roles in the organisation that enable us to ensure Treat Kitchen sweet treats are sold to over 5,000 retailers worldwide - including major retailers such as Sainsburys, Urban Outfitters, and Next.

Shortly after this, it was time to see the factory! This was a behind the scenes tour of the production and packing facility, while getting the chance to taste some of our yummy samples!

Nottingham based factory for Treat Kitchen

The final part of the visit involved the pupils making the short walk to the nearby Victoria Centre to visit the Treat Kitchen shop. This was a great chance for pupils to see the journey from the factory to the products being in-store and on the shelf! It was also a great insight into the Treat Kitchen branding strategy. They then visited some other stores nearby to check out our competitors and see which stores were selling Treat Kitchen products.

Treat Kitchen shop in Victoria Centre Nottingham

We thoroughly enjoyed having the pupils visit and cannot wait to welcome them back again! Their genuine interest in the brand, and willingness to ask questions and take in so much information was fantastic and something we were all very impressed with!

You can find out more about Swanwick Sports College and what they’ve been getting up to here: Home | Swanwick School and Sports College (swanwicksportscollege.co.uk)

* Photos courtesy of Swanwick School and Sports College