The life of a marketing assistant intern

The life of a marketing assistant intern

From weekly strategy meetings to playing air hockey with a stormtrooper, my first few weeks as a marketing assistant have definitely been a broad experience! I’m six weeks into my time with the wonderful Treat Kitchen team and want to share a little of my experience so far…

The first step, like in any job, was to make introductions. As a marketing assistant this relates to learning company strategy and business process whilst meeting the lovely team. I started by focusing on socials which included moderating livestreams, researching trends and scheduling content. I joined the company at the perfect time because socials have recently had an increase in engagement. I was also trained on email marketing and social media formatting, so keep your eye out for future campaigns!

Luv Ya Sweets in Traditional Jar

A lot of Treat Kitchen’s strategy is centred around the TikTok shop as we are seeing a lot of growth in following. Therefore, in my first week a lot of my time was spent researching tactics that can lead to growth on this platform. We have had a lot of fun on the platform so far by upcycling our packaging, dressing up and jumping on trends. As an intern I think it’s important to involve myself in as much as possible, so the answer is always yes, no matter the crazy outfits or crafts we are filming that day! The team are definitely seeing results from our hard work as engagement is undoubtably growing (see for yourself on @treatkitchengifting)!

The Treat Kitchen team are full of ideas for socials and work super hard to schedule everything far in advance to see this through. I’ve had the chance to be a part of many photoshoots and content creation days so far, which are super exciting! These are great opportunities to get creative and learn from the marketing team! These days are super fun and ensure that preparation is done for whichever campaign we are working towards. My photoshoot highlight has to be crawling into a bush to reposition a product for the photo – anything for content hey!

Vegan Sweets in Bottles

The launch of our new Original Stormtrooper Chocolate Helmet bought even more opportunity for me to gain valuable experience. A product launch is always a busy marketing period, and a lot of preparation has gone into this exciting campaign. I have been getting involved with the Sci-fi community for the first time by meeting with lots of companies and suppliers to discuss strategy. We have managed to arrange lots of collaborations on social media through this as well, which will be on our Instagram soon! The aim is to have the sci-fi community talking about our new product, so I’ve been in contact with many influencers and celebrities to ensure our goal of awareness. In addition, lot’s of carefully crafted PR packages have been sent to sci-fi fanatics across the country who are all excited about the product!

The campaign on social media has been very well received, especially after the launch day, which was by far the most fun I’ve had at Treat Kitchen so far. We took over Nottingham with our Original Stormtrooper, going live on social media visiting city monuments. After this we played games in Penny Lane and handed out goodies to the public in Forbidden Planet. I loved being a part of this day because it gained a lot of traction on social media and even caught the attention of the local news!

Keep your eye out for all the collaborations and content we have been planning! @treatkitchengifting