Treat Kitchen x Base 51 Week: help us to help the community!

Treat Kitchen x Base 51 Week: help us to help the community!

Base 51, an incredible local charity that needs our help – lets start there.

You may be aware of our continuous support for them over the last three years, or maybe not so. Either way, over the next few weeks and months you’ll most definitely know all about them, and the amazing and invaluable free support they have been providing to thousands of vulnerable young people for almost 30 years now. Even more so, you’ll understand exactly why they need our help.

Base 51 is a Nottingham based charity very close to our hearts and we’re consistently astounded by their relentless dedication to providing endless opportunities and a listening ear for some of the most disadvantaged young people in the city.

However, this year, Nottingham City Council announced their plans to reduce youth provisions across the city as part of their £28m cuts plan. This means that charities such as Base 51 will no longer be in receipt of the grant funding they so desperately need to keep providing their fantastic services to the youth of the East Midlands.

The youth work from Base 51 has transformed the lives of so many young people, and without this grant they are entirely dependent on the support and generosity of the general public and local businesses (that’s us!). Young people from all over Nottingham have spoken openly of their appreciation for the help they’ve received from Base 51 and commended their free counselling and LGBTQ support groups. To no longer be able to provide such a valued service to those in need of it most could be detrimental to the community. The work of charities like Base 51 is crucial to the development of thousands of vulnerable young people – which is why it’s so important that they get the help and coverage that they deserve and need!

So, of course, at TTK we’re super keen to help them in any and every way that we can. We already got the ball rolling earlier in January this year by raising over £3,000 with our mystery boxes, which were filled to the brim with some of Treat Kitchen’s most popular sweets and treats – but it doesn’t stop there. Here at TTK we want everyone, anyone, and their dog, to get together and donate whatever they can to help keep Base 51 going!

We’re already on it and have been kicking up a fuss about it on our Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as sending out assets to businesses to use on their own social media platforms. The campaign launched on Friday 4th March, but the main event will be held from Monday 21 - 27th March with Base 51 Week. Here we’ll be rallying the support of as many people, businesses, universities, and celebrities as possible to help raise the funds needed for Base 51 to continue to support the youth of the East Midlands.

Everyone needs to know about this and with your help, we’ll make sure of it!

In the meantime, make sure you’re following all of our socials to keep up to date with the campaign and check out Base 51’s website to find out more about the different ways that you can help!

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