Have you taken on the Veganuary challenge, or are you simply curious about it all? This blog will provide a bit of background on Veganuary and also let you in on where to find some delicious vegan treats—no bias here 😉


Veganuary, a global movement challenging individuals to embrace a vegan lifestyle for the month of January, has gained remarkable momentum over the years. It's not just about what you eat; it's a holistic approach to living consciously by avoiding animal products. 

As you venture into the realm of vegan sweets during Veganuary, it's helpful to know what sets them apart. While many traditional sweets may contain ingredients like gelatine, beeswax, or dairy milk powder. Opting for vegan sweets means embracing plant-based goodness that satisfies your sweet tooth, aligning with a lifestyle that resonates with many for various reasons. Our vegan sweets undergo a fascinating transformation. Starches, like corn, tapioca, or even the magical potato, serve as thickeners and stabilisers, creating the perfect texture. Acids and natural sugars, often from fruit concentrates, contribute to the ideal pH balance and add delightful flavours. Whether it's the chewy tapioca in our Fruity Rings or the extrusion process for Vegan Pencils, each bite is a carefully crafted blend of ingredients and processes.

At Treat Kitchen, we are committed to reducing waste and our environmental impact. Most of our packaging is reusable- Picture sipping a refreshing oat milk iced latte from our reusable message bottles or conveniently carrying your snacks in our reusable pouches to work. We actively encourage our customers to embrace reusing and upcycling!

If you find yourself in need of a sweet vegan treat, you know where to find us! Explore our tempting range of vegan sweets HERE !