Say Hello to our Intern Meg

Say Hello to our Intern Meg

Hi I’m Megs, and I’m currently interning at Treat Kitchen.


Who am I? I’m a Nottingham girl with a degree in Fashion Communications and Promotions from the University Nottingham Trent. Growing up my biggest love and passion was you guessed it FASHION. I have always loved how clothes dressed the character you aspire to be and helps create confidence. After watching Ugly Betty every day, I discovered the world of fashion marketing and magazines, as opposed to going down the route of a designer, the presumed career choice for an individual with a love for fashion. Having an idea of the industry I wanted to go into, I was fortunate to find this degree subject. Little did I know, there was more to the word marketing than I first thought!


This course was the most creative and hands on of the three possible options NTU had to offer for fashion business, and for my attention span and love for visualisation I was very fortunate for that. I completed the whirlwind of the three years last year (most notably due to Covid-19) and, it’s to this date, my greatest accomplishment. I choose to go to university for the degree only, I made my fair share of friends, but I was always very dedicated to my work. Education hasn’t been the easiest, however, I feel doing this course allowed me to flourish and prove that, when I want to do something, I can. I started very intimidated by the software ADOBE and left giving tutorials. I grew confidence weekly during presentations which resulted in part of my dissertation being on a stage talking to an audience about my ideas of fashion, and lastly, I learned to love words, reading them, speaking them and writing them. Being Dyslexic, I used to have a fear of words but now I see them with less stress attached to them and just expression.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I finished my degree with many skills and realisations however, one year later of endlessly looking for jobs I found they’re not enough.


One day scrolling through my emails I found one from Nottingham Trent University calling out to all 2022 graduates asking if they needed help getting into the industries of their degrees. This not only spoke to myself but many other friends I’ve made throughout this last year, all looking for connections and experience. The university were working with Unitemps to provide many 8-week internship programmes that covered most industries. I, of course, chose marketing and, very thankfully, matched with Treat Kitchen due to my previous skills of adobe, my social media content creating, and my desires matching those of the description. I understand Treat Kitchen have a close connection with NTU for the offices are based within the campus and four NTU graduates currently work for the company, therefore I’ve felt very much at ease with the environment, and they both understand and support my situation.


What I did on my first week? This was a week that made me understand no day in marketing is the same. However, a few fundamentals were meeting the team, gaining knowledge of all products, selling avenues, the importance of social media for Treat Kitchen (especially Tiktok) and probably the simple fundamental… getting used to working in an office. I have been in many retail jobs since I was 16 that vary from what I’m selling, to who, but I have become very comfortable and confident with customer service and being on my feet. I’ not saying I haven’t wanted to work in an office environment, I just haven’t had the opportunity. The idea was a little daunting at first for I’m quite energetic and my creativity isn’t always accustomed to a desk space, however, Treat Kitchen has shown me that they are a place that communicate and support one another.


What I’ve learnt from the past few weeks is that Treat Kitchen and Baked In are businesses of the community. I have met some of the most caring people, who work behind the scenes and it’s what makes them a dream to be interning for. I’ve learnt to not only measure success with numbers but with impact, and the work they do with charities and the community and mental health, calls for recognition for their success.

I have enjoyed every day so far and cannot wait to continue the programme with only 4 weeks left.