Forget-Me-Notts : Sponsor a gift this Easter round 2!

Forget-Me-Notts : Sponsor a gift this Easter round 2!

At TTK we’re passionate about supporting charities and initiatives that we feel will help make a real positive difference to the communities and lives of those in need of it most.  This is where our most recent campaign with Forget-Me-Notts comes in to play.

Forget-Me-Notts is a UK based charity organisation that focuses on empowering local people and businesses to support their social care system in meeting the practical emergency needs of the most vulnerable children in the local community.

Following the success of last year’s Easter initiative, along with the 2,200 gifts we managed to supply to so many vulnerable children within the community, we knew from the get-go that this was something we wanted to support again this year.  

Staying true to form with our themed sweets and treats and eco-friendly packaging, for 2022 we’ve created a brand-new product for the children at Forget-Me-Notts just in time for Easter - a Gummy Bunny Pouch – this will be available to order on our website and in our store in Victoria Centre, Nottingham. All pouches will be delivered to orphans all around the East Midlands.

For many children receiving the pouches, this could quite possibly be the only gift that they are given for Easter. So, while it may only seem like a small gesture, directly receiving sweets and treats, like the Gummy Bunny Pouches, could really brighten their day a little!

 It’s important that these children know that they are not forgotten – hopefully, with enough support around the Gummy Bunny Pouches, as well as gift donations to Forget-Me-Notts, these children will have one of the best Easters yet!

Purchase your Gummy Bunny Pouch: Forget-Me-Notts Easter Gift – TTK Confectionery


Disclaimer: We are working with ‘Forget-Me-Notts’ the local division of OperationOrphan, its parent company. The product you purchase will be a donation. If you purchase this product it will be sent directly to a vulnerable child Forget-Me-Notts supports. You will not receive this product and TTK Confectionery make no profit on this product.