Guest Blog Post: SHOP ZERO

Guest Blog Post: SHOP ZERO

Meet Sarah Maloy of Shop Zero: Nottingham's Sustainable Oasis

In the heart of Nottingham, you'll discover Shop Zero, a beacon of sustainability, lovingly nurtured by its owner, Sarah Maloy. We hope you enjoy this blog post all about the world of eco-friendly living, guided by Sarah’s vision.


Sarah's Nature-Loving Roots

Sarah Maloy, the creative force behind Shop Zero, cultivated a profound love for nature during her childhood adventures in Sherwood Forest. With a biology teacher as her mother, she understood the significance of nature and our role in its preservation. This understanding fuels her passion for sustainability.

A Sustainable Shopping Experience

Shop Zero is where sustainability takes centre stage. It champions the power of refills and encourages customers to bring their containers. The store is stocked with essentials for a sustainable lifestyle, from food and personal care items to household detergents. The goal is to make eco-friendly choices more accessible and convenient.


Collaboration and Community Spirit

Beyond being a store, Shop Zero embodies a sense of community. Collaborations with like-minded businesses lead to sustainable workshops and pop-up events, creating a space for learning, idea-sharing, and fostering an eco-conscious network. Together, they are stronger!

Flexibility in Your Hands

Shop Zero understands that not everyone can visit the physical store. Therefore, Sarah provides a range of convenient options, including click-and-collect pickups, local home deliveries, and nationwide postal deliveries through the website, The aim is to make eco-friendly choices hassle-free for everyone.

Inspiration All Around

Stay inspired on your journey toward a more sustainable life by following Shop Zero on Instagram and Facebook at @shopzeronottm. Regular updates keep the community informed about the latest sustainability trends, tips, and exciting community initiatives.

Starting Your Zero-Waste Journey

For those ready to kickstart their zero-waste lifestyle, the process is straightforward:

1. Be Ready to Shake Things Up: Sustainability starts with a willingness to break old habits and embrace new, eco-friendly choices.

2. Start Small: Begin with one simple change, such as using a reusable water bottle, refilling a hand wash bottle, or switching to a natural deodorant in a cardboard tube. These small changes have a cascading effect.

Saving Money While Saving the Planet

Going green can also save some green! Refilling essentials allows customers to beat supermarket prices, particularly on items like herbs, spices, washing up liquids, and personal care products. Additional cost-saving tips, such as repairing items and shopping at charity stores, are available to help reduce expenses.

For more money-saving tips through zero waste living, readers can visit the Shop Zero blog: How to Save Money with Zero Waste Living.

Top Picks in Store Right Now

With autumn in full swing, comfort food takes the spotlight at Shop Zero. Top picks include pulses for hearty stews, Bouillon stock for extra flavour, spice refills (including the store's bespoke Pumpkin spice), and all the ingredients needed for Christmas baking, such as mixed fruit and mixed peel. Surprisingly, there has been a notable surge in sales of laundry soap bars.

Glass Milk Bottle Reimagined

Customers are invited to reimagine Treat Kitchens glass milk bottle's as a vessel for dry goods or liquid refills. For Sarah, filling it with vegan chocolate or exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oil would be the perfect choice.

Join the Shop Zero Revolution

Shop Zero is more than just a store; it's a movement toward a greener, more sustainable future. Customers are encouraged to visit the store in Nottingham, follow on social media, and join the zero-waste journey. Together, they can create a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future for the planet.

Join the Shop Zero revolution today and be part of the change!