Meet the Nottingham Trent University Alumni on the TTK Confectionery Team!

Meet the Nottingham Trent University Alumni on the TTK Confectionery Team!

At TTK Confectionery, we are proud to have strong links with all the leading education centres in Nottingham. Since we launched in 2016, we have welcomed students from all education levels (including Apprenticeships) to TTK for work experience/ placement schemes, internships and graduate roles!

 We love to have both current and newly graduated students in our team! From Nottingham Trent University alone, we have employed over 7 graduates in the last 4 years and we have also welcomed countless other talented individuals for programmes to aide in their studies/ career path.

We would like to introduce you to some of the recent graduates from Nottingham Trent University that are now part of our team! Find out below about their journey at NTU including: what they studied, what they enjoyed, their experience/ thoughts and more!

Melissa Kelly (Sales Administrator):

Nottingham Trent was the perfect place for me to study, I love Nottingham so didn’t want to move away from home and didn’t feel the need to when there was a great university on my doo
rstep! I studied English and Philosophy and thoroughly enjoyed the course and the wide range of modules available to me – the professors couldn’t do enough!

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Izzy Plummer (Studio Artworker):

I very much enjoyed my time on Fashion Marketing and Branding at NTU, graduating with a 1st Class Honours. I originally joined the course without any real idea of what I wanted to do and thought the course offered a broad look into both practical business skills (which I thought might more likely get me an actual job) and the creative aspects (what I was actually interested in). I’m gla

I made this decision in the end though rather than going for a completely art-based course as I feel I’ve learnt so many important skills that I use every single day in my role at TTK Confectionery, from being able to research trends to understanding and applying marketing methods which means I am able to make the most out of the products I am designing

My favourite aspect of my course at NTU was of course the creative parts of designing InDesign documents for different brands and coming up with branding concepts for my own ideas, particularly I enjoyed being able to delve into a topic I was deeply interested in in my final year and create a whole business concept based around it, this was overall a great experience.

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George Shapland (Marketing & Design Executive):

In September I’ll be going into my final year studying Fashion Marketing and Branding at NTU! I absolutely love the course, I couldn’t think of anything I would rather study. As Izzy mentioned, it’s the perfect combination of both a Business and Creative outlook which proves invaluable in industry when you need to think both outside the box and also commercially. The course has enabled me to work on and pitch my ideas as part of live briefs for internationally recognised brands such as Gymshark and Boots, as well as complete an optional industry placement module in my second year

NTU has phenomenal employability resources and schemes available to help you transition from Higher Education into Industry. One of which being the GRADS4NOTTM scheme that kickstarted the beginning of my relationship with TTK Confectionery over a year ago! The scheme allowed me to work for 2 weeks as part of the TTK Confectionery Creative Team, where I helped design products for their SS20 range! Following that experience, TTK kindly had me back to complete my industry placement module with them as part of my second year of study - which has led to me working for them as a full time employee!

I’m excited to get stuck into my final year at NTU this September. Fashion Marketing & Branding is the perfect course for anyone that wants to apply a business mindset to their creative flare or vice versa! You learn some incredibly valuable skills that employers look out for and that translate seamlessly into the workplace!

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Agata Najdowska (Planner):

Lots of great societies to be involved in, I made use of the Christianity society whilst there and think it’s great how NTU accommodate it’s racial diversity.

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Alice Kerry (Assistant Buyer):

I studied Ba (Hons) Fashion Design and got a 2:1. I think the biggest thing it taught me was how to build a product from concept to reality 😊

I really enjoyed the fact that the course was creative and you had the chance to be free and think conceptually, but then there was also the technical side to it which I loved as well. Combining the two was challenging
and exciting. It really helped me to understand how to be creative and think freely, but also work within technical boundaries.

also really enjoyed the more theory based side called Design Culture and Context, where I got into learning about brand identity, customer loyalty and personalisation, which I wrote my dissertation about. It helped me to understand how the customer’s mind works and how to create products and experiences that people can relate to.

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In line with our pledge to The Real Living Wage Scheme, all our employees (including recent graduates) are paid a fair wage that meets their cost of living, not the government minimum. We believe a hard day’s work deserves a fair days pay. Our students and recent graduates always bring an excess of enthusiasm, passion and fresh thinking. We are always blown away with the work they produce and the ideas they have!



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