Our Team's Favourite Moments at TTK

Our Team's Favourite Moments at TTK

In celebration of the announcement that TTK Confectionery are official finalists for 6 of the awards at the East Midlands Chamber Business Awards 2020, we’ve asked some of our team what their favourite moments/ memories have been of their time at TTK so far!

Have a read through some of our teams’ proudest, funniest and favourite moments below!

Martin Barnett (Chief Executive Officer):

“So many memories from the shops to today!!

 Landing in Sainsbury’s and matching the national brands rate of sale really showed that our team has evolved so far in such a short space of time... being in Sainsbury’s proved that our sourcing, design, packaging, technical, sales and commercial awareness is on point!

For me it proves that our core strategy of hiring young high potential inspired individuals and mentoring them as they acquire the technical skills to be a success in their fields of expertise is working.

Watching all of you progress and improve yourselves is a constant source of pride for me personally - I’m privileged to be a part of all your different journeys.”

Jess Barnett (Brand Director):

“I think taking a team of nine to ISM, the World’s largest confectionery fair particularly stands out for me. I was so proud to see our beautiful stand and there was a real sense of energy and enthusiasm within the team.

 Re-opening the warehouse after lockdown was also a very proud moment, the team worked really hard to make the necessary changes to ensure we could all work safely and securely. Their productivity and motivation has been through the roof- such a great team!”

Leah Binney (Warehouse Manager):

 “The time that Tom was moving a pallet of the 360 Delicious Tubes on the forklift when the pallet toppled over and myself, Tom and Agata had to chase rolling Tubes everywhere all over the car park. I laughed, cried and got a workout!”

Deepika Handa (Accounts Manager):

“For me there isn't a single moment but a continuation, a so-called journey that I have been part of since the birth of TTK Confectionery. It has been a passage of ups and downs, but during the time of downs there has never been a despondency displayed by the Leaders of the Team. Every down has been taken by the Leaders as an opportunity and not a pessimism and how the entire team has followed this optimism to its entirety. Every mistake has been a pillar of learning and this learning has given us the strength to grow and keep growing towards perfection... this is reflected in our Team today, where every single family member of TTK works with valour, prowess, dexterity, givenness and above all keeping a single ideal in mind - the success of TTK and any other Company, Charity, workforce that is associated with it.”

 Melissa Kelly (Sales Administrator):

 “First show at ISM - All the fun me, Jess and Tom had on the stand, meeting people from all around the world and spending so much time with all the team. Particularly enjoyed all of Alice’s adventures, dodging the airport scanner, getting trapped in a train door and being stuck in a shop during a power cut!

Enterprising Women Awards – such good recognition for all the team to be awarded Team of the Year and such a fun night out with lots of drinks, dancing and laughter!

 Accepting the job – so glad I did, I’ve gained an extended family with TTK and it’s such an inspiring place to work with likeminded people, so lucky to have made friends and family for life! Never worked somewhere when I have such job satisfaction!

 And also, how could I forget decorating the gingerbread for ISM and Izzy giving us all a heart attack by knocking the table at a crucial stage!!!”

Katie Gilbert (Head of New Product Development):

“My favourite moment I think has been the Team of the Year win – I’m so proud of all of my team (and everyone else too!) and they should all be so very proud of themselves too! All their hard work has been recognised with the wonderful achievements we have had, and I look forward to every day with them all 😊

 We are a family and so much more than just colleagues, and every day is a pleasure to be around them 😊”

Santa Yorke (Creative Lead):

“One of the things that has not been mentioned yet, is the new product tasting and testing! We always have so much fun doing it! This is when we have all the new (sometimes crazy 😃 ) ideas and inspiration for the new ranges! I love the tasty sweets and chocolate! And I love the dynamic and vibrant atmosphere we are in; each day is a new beginning!

I also love the design inspiration trips, one of my favourites was to London Design Week when we visited different shows, art exhibitions, workshops and range of architecture, urban strategy, public realm design and art projects. That always gives a substance and drive for our future projects.”

We would finally like to say how proud we are to be finalists again at the East Midlands Chamber Business Awards! We hope we manage to walk away again with some awards that evidence what a hardworking and collaborative team we have here at TTK Confectionery!

**DISCLAIMER: All images were taken prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the announcement of lockdown in the UK and Germany.**


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